In the event “Untitled Blake McCormick venture”, Bill dates a woman called Charlene

Bill, like Dale and Boomhauer, provides a good affection for Hank and frequently tries their recommendations before undertaking things, and also for his support while in difficulty. Despite being uneasy by his mental outbursts, Hank are demonstrated to really worry about costs and it is observed attempting to assist him as he’s in big trouble. When he think expenses ended up being lifeless, Hank tearfully defined him as “Brave, sincere, sweet. like a huge ‘ol crammed teddy-bear”.

Bill sometimes becomes dragged into Dale’s insane plans, and quite often is the one that unintentionally destroys them

Dale is observed insulting your one particular, often informing your to shut up. Despite Dale frequently benefiting from your, the two are fantastic pals.

Jeff Boomhauer

Of their associates, Boomhauer appears to be the one who brings your the essential value, probably due to the fact that expenses as soon as helped a broken-hearted Boomhauer get over a lady just who dumped your. Due to their capability to continue after almost any rejection, costs is the one capable click Boomhauer away from his anxiety when he refused by a lady he undoubtedly had thoughts for.

Laoma Souphanousinphone

Satisfying in “Maid in Arlen”, expenses and Laoma really treasured each other and have along really, dropping crazy rapidly, a great deal to Kahn’s terror. The 2 fleetingly time, but their commitment ends when Kahn interferes and convinces statement that Laoma enjoyed the astronaut Harrison Schmitt. However, they reconcile in the same episode. It it assumed the 2 will always be friends.

Having flirted for quite a few months, costs and Karen dated for quite a while in a later on month

with Karen also briefly relocating with your. Expenses ironically breaks with the woman while he felt like they certainly were move too fast. The 2 possessn’t interacted from the time.


a former Arlen native and unmarried mom of two kiddies whom the guy met on the web. She along with her youngsters moved in with your temporarily. The relationship concluded after Charlene started again the woman affair with John Redcorn after Dale delivered the previous to follow her within concern about costs increasing Kate, whom the guy assumes was his child conceived as a result of aliens.

Chuck Mangione

He could be been shown to be a large buff of Chuck, and it is mortified when he feels him becoming hurt, though he forgets about Hank in the act.


Bill try originally from an upper-class Cajun families in Louisiana, just who lived (until Gilbert was actually obligated to sell it) on an enormous property called the Chateau D’Haute Rive (“house about large river”). Therefore, the guy talks proficient Cajun French (and Tagalog and others) and performs the accordion skillfully, which astonishes your as much because it do everybody else. Their pops is at minimum significantly abusive, spanking him on a regular basis and producing him wear clothes. Their sole residing men relative is their dandified cousin Gilbert, just who however resides in Louisiana; the two were guardians for the family’s secret barbeque sauce menu, which Gilbert does not want to let expenses to offer. But statement fundamentally told Bobby Hill the meal, keeping the Dauterive traditions lively.

Within the event “costs of product sales” it is also advised that statement have psychologically masochistic inclinations after Peggy’s attempt to, in her keywords, “motivate him (businesses phrase) with some praise (my personal phase)” backfires. Hank’s impulse (“you’ll want puzzled him; are dumped on is statement knows”) leads Peggy to close out that “Bill has experienced a difficult lifestyle and then he likes they by doing this” and later means your as a “nut job”. She seems to convince him to return to work on her by verbally harming your. However, she shortly fires your away from thinking of guilt to take benefit of his insecurity. Additionally it is in this occurrence that costs shows exceptional skills as a salesman, assisting Peggy attain this lady marketing quotas easily, in one instant promoting 10,000 taverns is stored within the minibars during the resort they certainly were staying in.

Frequently, costs’s crush on Peggy gets creepy and borderline stalker-like. In “thread’s storyline,” costs sometimes appears by Dale playing Boggle with Peggy’s old human anatomy throw with a duct-taped photo for a head, declaring that “she constantly wins.”