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Even with the shortage of reasonable lifetime, dimensional domain names communicate loads of important facts about bodily, mental, and you may spiritual truth

As a result of this, he or she is value in depth investigation and you can studies. Here are a few of the things the genuine CoDD research regarding TDVP suggests on the dimensional domains:

Elizabeth. Schwartz and M

In domains which have step 1 compliment of step 3 proportions, ranges is measured, and you can phenomena try described, with respect to integer multiples of Genuine (quantum equality devices) of the CoDD. Nonetheless should be counted and you can discussed regarding integer multiples out of fictional wide variety in domains having cuatro as a consequence of 6 proportions, and also in regards to integer multiples off certain advanced quantity, known as the nth roots from unity, in the domains which have seven or even more proportions. Which unitary move from integers so you can fictional numbers, to help you advanced wide variety are mathematically important for a routine quantized breakdown of your own rotation and you may projection out-of geo-centric dimensional domains to the hyper-dimensional domains. Proof this is apparently upright-give utilizing the CoDD and you will application of brand new Pythagorean Theorem. The fresh new Proof, translated on the traditional effortless mathematical notation, has been authored in several courses and you will files, some of which is listed in a couple blogposts: Recommendations . I phone call the whole process of rotation and you can inflatable projection from dimensional domain with the next you to definitely, Dimensional Extrapolation because reveals just how both consciousness and you can bodily fact build.

Last year, the initial CoDD research I did, using Genuine quantum arithmetic, would be to define in detail the combination away from quarks to make protons, the new sandwich-nuclear entities one, together with electrons, function all of the stable building blocks of your natural aspects of one’s periodic dining table. The thing i found, try shocking, in the event something like it has to was indeed asked in the second I incorporated awareness in the definition of the basic variation of your own first calculus inside 1986 having application at quantum scale out of real reality. You to definitely advancement was the clear presence of multiple events from Genuine equipment out of low-real gimmel at the heart from real reality, an unignorable indication out-of understanding – literally this new fingerprints out-of Goodness appearing for the extremely abundant secure target of your actual world, this new proton. Get a hold of footnotes actually Starts with Awareness, Neppe and you can Close (2011) and you can my personal part in the AAPS Volume We, first edition named Is Understanding First? Edited by Drs G.

Triadic Rotational Gadgets out-of Equality (TRUE) is outlined because of the mass and you will amount of brand new free electron, tying the latest quantum mathematics of the CoDD to actual reality, and you will Dimensional Extrapolation was a mathematical techniques analogous into conscious course, by the rotation and you will projection, from a keen n-dimensional domain towards an n+1 dimensional website name. The appearance of gimmel on the CoDD True research of your mix of two up-quarks and something down-quark to make a proton, plus connections the analysis so you can consciousness, taking a factor on consolidation away from consciousness, spirituality, and you will physical facts.

H. Woollacott (2019)

Dimensional domain names was geometrical designs you to originate on logical framework of awareness and possess zero lifestyle of their own. A domain name is placed because of the level of proportions needed to explain they, nevertheless level of size as well as the extent of those size are entirely dependent on the fresh new domain’s blogs out-of mass, time, and you will gimmel. In the work to describe relativistic consequences, physicists and you can science publishers have a tendency to establish place or spacetime being distorted, curved, otherwise altered because of the bulk. But there is no like topic once the curved otherwise distorted space, date, spacetime, otherwise one hyper-dimensional area. Curvilinear paths of swinging objects are due to new delivery of new thickness out-of compound within this a site. This is really what is actually known within the modern physics since the a community.