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Superficially, Mol can easily be some of those doosri biwi tropes so dear of our own companies

In the heady days following the phenomenal popularity of Humsafar, rumours emerged that the might be the serial so you can return the fresh new country’s favourite jodi, Fawad Khan-Mahira Khan, to the added buzz out of everyone’s favourite, Sanam Baloch, within its shed.

But not, this new thrill passed away down given that Fawad remaining getting Bollywood additionally the cast changed totally. Should it be brand new book combining out of Faysal Qureshi and Naveen Waqar in the lead, award-successful publisher Amna Mufti’s better-constructed software, otherwise manager Ilyas Kashmiri’s productive handling of this brilliant story by the Faysal Manzoor Khan, this serial was making waves.

The brand new area

Shahryar Hassan’s (Faysal Qureshi) household members claims he marry his far young cousin Sajal (Iqra Aziz), plus in his desperation to flee a relationship he has certainly zero interest in, he applies to own a transfer from Karachi toward provincial but ancient town of Sukkar. Once the good Deputy Commissioner, the guy meets Imtiaz Saheb (Munawer Saeed), his using inside the Sukkar, and requires so you’re able to finds out concerning the unique secrets that each and every town is alleged to hang.

A chance meeting with Imtiaz Saheb’s child Emaan, an instructor in the a college to own unique needs children, creates a sequence away from incidents conducive on the matrimony. Shahryar’s dad (Nadeem) and you will mom (Ismat Zaidi) is unwilling witnesses toward feel, making once the new Nikkah and you can disowning its boy when you’re downright rejecting people connection with Emaan which it thought an unwelcome usurper of their own choices, Sajal.

Like with really family members, even in the event, they can’t maintain the point long. While you are Sajal and her parents get over that it upsetting rejection, their own families make an effort to mend new crack but a chance run into regarding Sajal and you will Emaan from the a good Karachi shopping center opens the fresh new barely cured wounds again.

You can hardly fault her or him when watchers lap upwards such rote melodramas employing stressful “Who can improve break fast chai /paratha?” competitions and you can “Woh MERA hai” declarations. Meanwhile, the brand new ‘choonna kaka’ partner lies inside the a large part drawing their flash wondering in the event the ‘bholi larkiya’ he fell (it is never deliberate otherwise his blame) on relationship which have became for example avenging viragos.

An appealing subtext is actually woven with the life ones emails through the ancient Sindhi legend away from Lilan Chanesar. Customs possess it one to Raja Chanesar enjoyed and bad their wife really they might never be parted.

But Mol has a lot even more opting for they: steeped, detail by detail characterizations similar to the greater number of thoughtfully authored dramas of early in the day, particular advanced learnt shows out of an incredibly gifted throw and good feeling of concentrate on the narrative you to definitely catches the fresh viewers’ attention.

A fascinating subtext try woven on lifetime of them emails from the old Sindhi legend out-of Lilan Chanesar. Customs enjoys they one to Raja Chanesar loved and you may rotten their wife really they could never be parted. His queen Lilan got a fatigue having accessories and you will silver and you will wanted to let a little princess, Kaunru, invest per night that have him in exchange for the brand new princess’s Naulakha Haar. Outraged within used such as this, Chanesar given up Lilan and you can married Kaunru however, with time he suits the latest repentant Lilan again .The brand new legend leads to the fresh death of the fresh queen and you can queen, but it could well be interesting observe exactly how this plays away on the letters from Mol.

Who’re Lilan, who happen to be Chanesar and possibly much more intriguingly exactly who otherwise just what may be the Naulakha Haar?


Faysal Qureshi demonstrates his freedom again, to tackle the fresh new contains, persistent and you can seriously personal Shahryar Hassan that have polished brilliance. This is a man exactly who possess his own the advice, and you will resists defining his feelings for Emaan because the love when it means ceding any element of his independence.